For Models

If you would like to work or collaborate with us, please take a moment to read these terms and rules.

Please be aware there are certain individuals on the internet, falsely claiming to be representatives or scouts. Do not respond without first verifying their identity. We do not conduct interviews via Skype, we never request photos in nude or lingerie. As a general rule, we do not contact individuals through social media.

Submit 5-8 headshots and full body photosotos in form-fitting clothes, straight on at camera, profile and on an angle. Your photos should be with no or minimal makeup. Direct booking may apply only for agency represented models.

We highly recommend that your agent will talk to us on your behalf. However, if you don't have an agency, you'll be asked to attend the casting.

What Should You Bring with You

We will be there for you to get you ready, so you don't need to stress about anything. Just make sure you are getting enough sleep, eat like usual and show up on time.

If you coming from a distance, bring a few snacks or fruit with you in case you get hungry. We have a break for lunch if this is a long day, and there are hot drinks and snacks in the waiting room.

What Should You Wear

Your agent will tell you what clothes you should wear, however, our stylist has her own wardrobe, so you don't need to buy or bring expensive clothes. It is important that you will wear loose and comfortable clothes, that are not too tight and does not leave marks on your body.

Do not wear makeup, just wash your face well and come with your natural beauty. Your nails polish can be transparent or neutral colors.

What We Are Looking For

Models with a slim-fit figure, natural look, and positive personality, for fitness and portraits.

A typical session lasts 3-5 hours, or 1-2 hours if this is a test.

Working with Us

  • Total focus on the project.
  • Don't tell anyone anything about anything we are doing.
  • No cameras.
  • No tweeting, googling and no social media.
  • All devices on mute, and away from any audio equipment.
  • No negative talk about anyone or anything.
  • Be proud.

You will be work in a friendly environment with creative people, who will do their best to make you beautiful.

We can advise you about personal branding, and keeping a healthy lifestyle.

Membership and Programs

We are on a mission to help our customers succeed, and to take that opportunity to make a difference in the world. We work with risk-takers, leaders and innovators to build a strong talented team, that grows into a sports and entertainment company.

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