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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to subscribe?
Use of any of the programs and workouts does not cost you money.
How long does it takes to lose weight?
If you are consistent with your trainings, expect a loss of 6%-8% body weight per week.
Can I do more than one workout a day in my program?
Yes. All the workouts will appear under your activity page.
The workout was too hard, how do I delete some of the exercises?
The program is made just for you. If some of the exercises are too hard, you can slow down and even rest until you feel better. At the end of the workout remeber to mention how it felt for you.
How is the workout time calculated?
The workout time is the absolute time that you were exercising, excluding the rest time between the exercises. Before you start a workout, you will see the approximate time in minutes.
How do I cancel my account?
There is no registration process, except the authenticaiton with Google. All your information is kept inside your device and anonymously on the server, to be able to backup your information. For more information, contact us.